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Team Captain The Mack Pack BRAKING AIDS® Ride - 2014



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Thank you in advance for you generous donation as I ride 285 miles to fight HIV/AIDS!

Most of you know that I have been living with HIV for 25 years, since I was 20. I have been HIV positive my entire adult life. I am VERY lucky to be alive. In the early years I desperately needed organizations like Housing Works to help me navigate medications and doctors visits and housing in NYC when I had no money at all.

As many of you have experienced, I watched countless friends die from AIDS including my partner, Greg Beutler in 1996. I will be thinking about him and many others when I push my body to the limit climbing all those hills. It’s a small price to endure compared to the daily struggles of many people living with HIV.

I know the economy has hit everyone hard, I know I struggle at times as I’m sure you do too. But just imagine how difficult it must be for someone struggling with HIV or AIDS in this same situation. Adding HIV+ to the list of challenges can be just too much - especially when there's no support. You can help. You can make a real difference.

While HIV/AIDS may no longer be the death sentence it once was, it can still have a devastating impact. The rate of infections in the United States has actually remained steady over the last few years but the downturn in the economy has left many of our friends and neighbors without jobs, healthcare, or stable housing.

Supporting those living with HIV is obviously a very personal cause for me but it affects all of us. The stigma forces many people into the shadows. Unfortunately, I’m sure you know many more people living with HIV than you ever imagined but they have never shared it with you.

I ask you to join me in spirit by contributing to my outrageous fundraising goal of $50,000. 

If your company has a matching gift program, you can multiply your gift by taking an extra moment to provide the information needed. You can also break down your donation into smaller monthly payments. 

Your donation will go right to work providing housing, medical and mental health services, and advocacy on behalf of people living with HIV/AIDS. Your generous donation is also fully tax-deductible. Join me in helping your friends, neighbors and complete strangers live a better life.

Please share this link with all your friends and social media networks and help me set the individual fundraising record for BRAKING AIDS® Ride!!!!

Thank you for your support!

Love Jack (The Mack Pack)


Housing Works



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