HIV Shower Selfie Challenge

BRAKING AIDS® Ride - 2014 The Mack Pack

Donations for HIV Shower Selfie Challenge

BC Partners Foundation donated $250.00 10/06/2014
Scott Linnen donated $100.00 10/01/2014 Been following your ride. Tis a great thing of many you do. Tasty tweets, too. Cheers man, Scott @scottlinnen
Rex Tegelaar donated $25.00 09/30/2014
marc valois donated $50.00 09/30/2014
Stephen Lutgens donated $50.00 09/30/2014 Congrats on raising your $50,000!!
Joseph Taiano donated $50.00 09/30/2014
Richard Greene donated $250.00 09/30/2014
James Thorington donated $500.00 09/30/2014 I saw you reached your goal, but I had decided to give a little more when I got your last email.
You rock Big Boy!
Brian Finstad donated $100.00 09/30/2014 By the time I saw your message I found you had reached your goal, here's a little to take it even higher. You are a
ROCK STAR (STUD too). Congrats on everything. One BIG Brian HUG for you. All the best. Brian
Christopher Ables donated $35.00 09/30/2014 Congratulations & good luck! xo
robert gagnon donated $1,000.00 09/30/2014
Jay Arnold donated $100.00 09/30/2014 How could I not?
Colby Smith donated $50.00 09/30/2014 Happy to help you reach such an awesome goal! Wish I could do more!
Steve Alexander donated $50.00 09/30/2014 Go Jack, GOOO!!! <3
Love you!
ROBERT TERZIAN donated $100.00 09/30/2014 Here's to getting to $50,000 (nothing more impressive than a person who won't stop til they reach their goals; unless it's someone whose goals are targeted on bettering others!)
Christopher Budd donated $50.00 09/30/2014
Candy Samples donated $25.00 09/30/2014 Hooray for Jack!
Stephen Hart donated $50.00 09/30/2014
Angela Leigh Hubbs donated $50.00 09/30/2014 I love you Jack!
robert gagnon donated $1,000.00 09/29/2014

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