Donations for Jack Mackenroth

Marc Valois donated $50.00 09/21/2014
Richard Greene donated $335.00 09/21/2014 This will get you to your goal after all the others have gotten you so close
peter BALLIERE donated $500.00 09/20/2014 Fantastic what you do Jack!!I live in Belgium and Aruba and can help you with more...let me know..
Elspeth Gilmore donated $50.00 09/20/2014
James Thorington donated $750.00 09/20/2014 I would love an autographed photo of you. I will respond to your email in the near future.

Brian Finstad donated $250.00 09/20/2014
Michael Milliron donated $100.00 09/20/2014 A little more just for the tutus - glad you are recovered.
Heiko Kuenstle donated $250.00 09/20/2014
David Strong donated $100.00 09/20/2014 Way to go Jack !!
From one 1/4 century survivor to another ...
Barbara Nitke donated $20.00 09/20/2014 You look fabulous!!!
Marc Valois donated $25.00 09/19/2014
Sarah Sax donated $250.00 09/19/2014
Andrew MacPhail donated $50.00 09/19/2014 Congratulations Jack! Thanks for all of the amazing work you do for the community. Kudos to you my friend!
Matthew Kugelman donated $25.00 09/19/2014 GOOD LUCK JACK!!!
Stephen Hart donated $50.00 09/19/2014 You are an inspiration! When are you going to do another calendar?
Jeffrey Cseplo donated $50.00 09/19/2014
Heiko Kuenstle donated $500.00 09/19/2014
Dorien Miller donated $50.00 09/19/2014 Congrats to you and Abbby and everyone!!
Joseph Burzynski donated $100.00 09/19/2014 Jack you are awesome! Great work for a great cause!
Juan Adames donated $25.00 09/17/2014 I applaud you for your hard work and for how far you' ve gotten thus far. Keep it up! Every single day your making a difference and changing lives! Best of luck reaching your goal

`Juan Jon

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