I am super excited (and terrified) to participate in my first BRAKING AIDS® Ride. Thank you for supporting me as I attempt to bike 285 miles of winding road from Cooperstown to Albany to New York City - all to fight AIDS.  

I am doing this ride in honor of my dear, dear friend Derrick Cherry. He brought into my life a lot of love and much needed laughter. He could sing, he could dance – and so, so FUNNY - he was AMAZING! He sang literally every chance he could, sometimes to the annoyance of everyone around him, but his talent spoke volumes.  And his dancing – “watch out for the big girls”. He taught me the death drop (it’s a voguing dance move). Derrick was sweet, kind, funny, loud, crazy, and the most talented person I'd ever met. He was 23 when he passed. I was devastated. I still miss him. 

I know this ride will be a challenging experience both physically and emotionally. It's been 17 years since I was diagnosed with HIV and I still have bouts of depression and anxiety. But I'm happy to say I'm doing well and in good health.  

Along with your support, please gift me with your words of encouragement -- these words are priceless and it's what will be looping in my head as I ride.  

Also, for the first time we have the tools to end the AIDS crisis. With new tools and new political will, we have a plan in place to end AIDS as an epidemic in New York State by 2020 and nationally by 2025.  These are real goals backed by real science. If achieved, we will change the course of history.

Thanks again for your support,


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